Performance Advertisers

exmox deploys advanced audience segmentation and filters to connect our partners with the highest value users on both mobile and desktop.


Amplify your marketing efforts and uncover new audiences.

Multi Device/Multi Format

exmox supports both mobile and desktop, offering a wide range of ad formats on both. Providing high impact, high visibility placements.


exmox offers traffic from over 180 countries, tap into an extensive network of high-performance sources in Tier 1 countries or explore new opportunities with established partners in emerging markets.

Cost Control

exmox is able to guarantee KPIs and provide optimization on a SubID level enabling full budget optimization.

Target. Scale. Monetize

Drive more Installs

Discover new audiences with exmox’s extensive publisher network. Drive high quality, high intent installs.

Value Exchange

Identify the points in your game that drive higher quality users and target these through exmox’s rewarded sources.

Define The Action

exmox is able to accommodate a broad range of actions from cost per lead to cost per player, select the model that compliments your strategy.


Reach out to explore experimenting with a custom-tailored approach, innovating is at the heart of exmox’s ethos.

What Is Rewarded?

exmox deploys a value exchange model through our extensive network of publishing sources. By providing value in the form of rewards exmox is able to drive deeper funnel engagement while tailoring the user experience to the target audience. The result is increased retention, ROAS, and budget performance.