Advertising That Lasts

exmox blends a best in class network of direct publishing sources with data-driven campaigns to create solutions our partners need and connections users want.

Case Study

Lilith Games Rise of Kingdoms

Rewarded User Acquisition

60% Day 30 ROAS

Multi-Goal Approach

A few of the many reasons why exmox is an easy choice for industry leaders.


exmox deploys internal tools and anti-fraud software in order to uncover fraud before it starts.

Guaranteed KPIs

Through exmox’s rewarded campaigns, KPIs and deep funnel engagement are guaranteed.

Audience Analytics

exmox is constantly refining targeting and identifying new ways to place our clients content at the intersection of interest and relevance.

Advanced Targeting

exmox segments users down to the types of apps they are interacting with allowing for high impact targeting.


Our blend of traffic sources allows us to maximize user experience while driving deeper funnel engagement, resulting in better retention and higher revenue.

Publisher Growth

Monetize your audience by partnering with the best known Games and Brands, maximizing user experience and expanding your reach.

Incredible companies from startups to industry leaders trust exmox.